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Morgan Maloney #14

Position: Goalkeeper
Favorite Class: Math
Hobbies: Soccer and Painting(she’s quite the artist)
Fun Fact: Morgan is a jokester and loves pranking people!

Our 13U team would not be what it is without the unbelievable talent of Morgan. She is a true Goalie and makes amazing saves not only at games but also at practice! We are extremely lucky to have Morgan in our club!!

Taytum Jimerson #13

Position: Stopper
Favorite Class: Math
Hobbies: Soccer, Gymnastics, Art
Fun Fact: Smallest on the team, she’s a twin and going to Nationals for gymnastics!

Taytum has been with us from the beginning and has a soccer IQ that is off the charts. She is one of the smartest soccer players in our club allowing her to anticipate the movements of the other players and stop almost everyone!!

Karryne Mims #2

Position: Center Mid Field 
Favorite Class: ELA 
Hobbies: Playing Soccer, Listening to Music and Spending time with Family 
FunFact: Junk food Junkie/Food Snob 

Karryne joined us two years ago and hasn’t stopped scoring since whether she’s playing 13U or 15U!! We are honored to have Karryne as part of our club!!

Jacey Cappa #3

Position: Sweeper 13U
Right Defensive Back 15U
Favorite Class: Technology
Hobbies: Sports and Reading
Fun Fact: Jacey was the only player on the team not to score during the indoor season!

Jacey is one of the toughest player on our teams and the word is the boys don’t even want to go up against her! Jacey is literally the brick wall in the back and is one of the reasons no team has scored a goal on 13U or 15U. We are extremely lucky to have Jacey on our team! Thank you Jacey for your hard work and dedication!!

Gracie Conlan #6

Position: Left Outside Midfield
Favorite Class: ELA/Social Studies
Hobbies: Reading, Designing, Fashion, Loves to travel, art and music!
Fun Fact: G is a party planner and loves plan and set up parties for her family!

Gracie has been with our club for two years and is fast as lightning and if she loses the ball you better believe she will try her best to get it back!! 

Corinne McLaughlin #10

Position: Left Outside Midfield
Favorite Class: Science
Hobbies: Soccer and hanging around with friends
Fun Fact: Corinne loves Hidden Valley ranch dressing and puts it on everything!!

Corinne has been with our club for 2 years now and is improving everyday!! When she is on the field she gives it her all!! 

Ava Jimerson

Position: Forward. 
Favorite Coach: Scott Stone. 
Favorite Hobbie: Making Slime. 
Fun Fact: Ava is a twin!! 

Ava Jimerson is a very talented soccer player, our leading goal scorer last year, and a crucial part of our 13U girls team, we are lucky to have her!!!

Alexandra Hultberg #11

Position: Center Midfield 13U, Forward 15U
Favorite Class: Technology
Hobbies: Soccer and Basketball
Fun Fact: Everyone calls Alex “Mom” at school

Alexandra has been a staple of our club. She plays fast and aggressive and is not afraid to pass the ball! She looks out for her teammates not only the 13U team but also the 15U team as well! We are honored to have her as part of our club!!

Kaylee Cappa #16

Position: Forward
Favorite Class: Gym
Hobbies: Sports and pencil drawing 
Fun Fact: Kaylee is very clumsy and gets frightened easily!!

This is Kaylee’s second year with our club and she is improving everyday! She’s only 11 but she has 2 goals on the year!! 

Molly Spontaneo #48

Position: Midfield
Favorite Class: Math
Hobbies: Soccer and swimming
Fun Fact: Molly loves the beach and collects sand from all over even Hawaii!!

This is Molly’s first year with the club and she is improving everyday!! Keep up the hard work Molly! 


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